Echo Of The Pen!!

By Lansana Fofanah

Racist Ploy Fails As Kingho Exposes CRSG

“During the argument, the safety officer first hit the Chinese employee in the mouth (not shown in the video). The Chinese employee was irritated after been hit and used his hand to knock over the safety officer’s folder which led to the physical altercation (shown in the video). After the CRSG Chinese employee showed signs of being stopped by the local employee, the safety officer still ran to kick the CRSG Chinese employee who was almost sixty years old. The safety officer picked up a rock and tried to hit again but dropped it after the rest of the CRSG Chinese employees arrived (not shown in the video)”.

those were excerpts from a preliminary statement released by the Chinese Railway Seventh Group (CRSG)- a sub-contractor of Kingho Mining Company (KMC) after the unfortunate incident between one of their workers and a Sierra Leonean worker.

The above release exposed the racial tendency of CRSG against Sierra Leonean employees by not condemning the conflict, but the response of the poor and helpless Sierra Leonean who was trying to defend himself against a brutal Chinese.

Evidence shown from the footage showed that there was a safety toolbox meeting going on to prepare the minds of workers until the said training was interrupted by the irate Chinese who had wanted to kill the Sierra Leonean with a weapon had he not been trained enough with martial arts skills; thanks to Chinese movies as we all have Bruce Lee in us.

In a damage control press release from the Kingho Mining Company on the 9th of June 2021, the said ‘preliminary statement’ was also noted by KMC.

“Management wishes to inform the general public that:

KMC condemns all acts of violence and/or physical assault on any personnel within our mine site. Yesterday’s unfortunate incident at the mine site contravened our Company policy, the Mines and Minerals Act of 2009, and other related laws of Sierra Leone.

KMC as a Chinese company condemns the behavior of the CRSG employee as portrayed in the video. As a result, the said employee of CRSG was immediately withdrawn from the mine site and the KMC employee was taken to the hospital for professional medical attention;

In collaboration with the Ministry of Mines and Mineral Resources and the National Minerals Agency and other relevant stakeholders, investigations are ongoing and appropriate actions will be taken immediately to avoid the reoccurrence of such unfortunate incident”.

From the above press release from the KMC, CRSG was shamed and exposed for lying to the public despite clear evidence shown in the video.

After series of condemnations of the said Act, the same CRSG released another presser on the 9th June 2021 dubbed “Management Press Release” where it also ate a humble pie by contradicting its previous release.

“The management of China Railway Seventh Group is of the view that the behavior of the Chinese national concerned is unacceptable and wrong no matter what the cause is. CRSG wishes to apologize for the unfortunate incident and has decided to relieve the Chinese national of his duty immediately. CRSG requires all of its staff to strictly abide by the laws and regulations of the country and sincerely wishes that similar events will no longer occur”, according to the Management release. Sierra Leoneans are now wondering whether the said release and apology were done in good fate or under pressure.

Even though the matter was believed to have been settled, it is worth noting that Sierra Leone is a State that upholds democratic tenets such as respect for human rights.

While we welcome bilateral and multinational companies to embrace our open-door investment policies, it should be based on a mutual relationship and a win-win situation.

News 24 publication.