Sierra Leone: Community Youths Threaten Muhammed Maju Alim Kamara Over Same-Sex Relationship

Stephen V Lansana
2 min readDec 9, 2023

In a startling incident, Muhammed Maju Alim Kamara, a student at IPAM, University of Sierra Leone, residing at 102 Fourah Bay Road, Freetown, is facing imminent danger after being caught engaging in romantic activities with his same-sex partner. The incident led to a strong reaction from community youths who consider such practices taboo and an abomination.

Since 2018, rumors have circulated that Kamara fled the country to escape numerous death threats from the community, actively searching for him due to the perceived violation of societal norms. The Fourah Bay Community, with a strong Islamic influence, vehemently opposes same-sex relationships, often imposing severe consequences on those involved.

A recent community meeting held by stakeholders emphasized the need for calm. Parents were advised to caution their relatives against what was described as “ungodly behavior.” Any defaulters would face serious repercussions, possibly leading to prosecution by the Sierra Leone Police and the Court of Law.

Sierra Leone criminalizes same-sex sexual activity between men, with a maximum penalty of life imprisonment under Section 61 of the Offences Against the Person Act 1861. Although there is limited evidence of recent enforcement, the LGBT community faces persistent discrimination and violence.

The situation has escalated, with community youths mobilizing to locate Muhammed Maju Alim Kamara and others involved in same-sex relationships within the community. The incident sheds light on the complex dynamics surrounding LGBTQ+ rights, societal norms, and legal implications in Sierra Leone.

By Musa Wisdom Kamara

Published : 10/6/2023



Stephen V Lansana

Stephen V. Lansana is a Sierra Leonean Journalist who work for Premier News, a subsidiary of Premier Media Group Ltd. Stephen writes on Health & Human Rights