Sierra Leone: John Demby Sandi Boosts SLPP Members in Bo with 23 bags of 25kg of rice and cash

Stephen V Lansana
3 min readDec 25, 2023


A young patron member of the ruling Sierra Leone people’s party( SLPP) John Demby Sandi on Saturday 23 December 2023 met with Zonal, chiefdom, executives of constituency 85 at the SLPP Regional office, Fenton Road, Bo, to present what he described to be a Christmas gift.

Addressing the party members present, the Mr. Sandi, extends thanks and appreciation to the party members present for overwhelmingly voting for President Bio and Hon. Maseray Aruna to continued their second term in office.

He thanked President. Bio and the Hon. Maseray Aruna for all the efforts despite the current global. economic challenges and implore them to continue to believe in President Bio’s agenda.

Sandi further thanked party members for their huge turnout even at a short notice and leveraged the platform to re-familiarize himself with the party members present.

Disclosing the package, he stated. that the party zonal executive are usually the least prioritized group after internal party politics and noted that as a former zonal executive of constituency 085, he is acutely aware of the challenges the party zonal executives are confronted with particularly during. festive periods like Christmas. Mr. Sandi said his gesture to them is in agreement with the scripture according to Hebrews 13:16 and supports the one country one people ideology.

John Demby Sandi, donated 23 bags of 25kg rice and cash to all the zonal, chiefdoms, and constituency executives of. const. 085 in Bo.

He concluded by calling on Sierra Leoneans to support and pray for. president Bio to develop the country and craved on member of constituency 085 to continue providing support to Hon. Maseray Aruna.

Receiving the package on behalf of the constituency 085, the constituency Chairman, Mr. Conteh, unreservedly thanked Mr. Sandi on behalf of the constituency representative in parliament Hon. Maseray Aruna and the constituency as whole for his timely support to them. He further stated that this is not the first time. Mr. Sandi have been supporting the party’s efforts particularly within the constituency.

Representing the regional executives, the regional Secretary General of the SLPP South, Francis Ibrahim Massaquoi thanked Mr. Sandi for supporting the party zonal executive of constituency 085 at the critical moment like this, even when he currently not on any government appointed job. He added that he is not too surprised because even when John was a pupil at CKC, he was actively involved in the party’s campaign for Solomon Berewa presidential election in 2007 and was a zonal executive member.

Massaquoi concluded by encouraging other SLPP party members in Bo and within the region to copy from good example of. Sandi.

John. Demby Sandi. is one of the youngest Grand Chief patrons of the. SLPP, and a final year doctoral (PhD) Candidate in infectious diseases.

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