Sierra Leone News: Cheshire Home Faces Financial Constraint

Stephen V Lansana
2 min readFeb 22, 2019


By Stephen V. Lansana

Chairman of Freetown Cheshire Home Management Committee, Dr. Abdulai Dumbuya and cross section Children in the home

The Freetown Cheshire Home has not received government subvention since September 2018, a senior member of Freetown Cheshire Home Management Committee said Wednesday when receiving a freezer and a chaque of Le3 million as donation from Excel Primary School.

The Chairman of Freetown Cheshire Home Management Committee, Dr. Abdulai Dumbuya said, “We usually spend Le 11, 450, 000 just to pay salaries of 25 staff and about Le 4 million to feed the children every month,” he said. “So, you can imagine the challenges we face in this home. It is not just about Cheshire Home but all other special needs homes are going through similar challenges.”

He disclosed that government use to give them Le30 million subventions for the quarter, noting that the subvention is not enough for the running of the home. “The subventions cannot come on time,” he added.

Dr. Dumbuya called on the government to address their challenges. “Government established this institution in other to take care of persons with disability. So, government needs to pay attention to the special needs homes across the country,” he added. “Government should make sure that it understands the welfare of the homes.”

“As you all know the Cheshire has been in existence for 57 years now. It is a residential home for children with disability,” Dr Dumbuya said. “I grow up in this home. So, I know what the challenges are. From September last year we have not received a single cent from the government. Cheshire Home together with special need homes are supported by the government through subvention, but from September last year government has not given subvention to any of these homes.

He said, “Sometimes we have support from other institutions and we use the money to buy fish, chicken, among others, but the lack of storage facility has been challenging.” He added that the freezer that Excel Primary School has donated to the home will now serve that purpose and the money will be used until the subvention comes in.”

Chairman of Freetown Cheshire Home Management Committee, Dr. Abdulai Dumbuya

The Proprietor of Excel Daycare and Primary School, Mrs. Onike King called on Sierra Leoneans to support the home, adding that supporting the home is one of the ways of showing love to the persons with disability living in this home.



Stephen V Lansana

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