Sierra Leone: PMDC Lambasts APC and SLPP

Stephen V Lansana
3 min readJan 20, 2017

By Stephen V. Lansana

The People’s Movement for Democratic Change (PMDC) has accused the ruling All People’s Congress (APC) party and the main opposition Sierra Leone People’s Party (SLPP) for the continued hardship in Sierra Leone.

National Women’s Leader of PMDC, Selwina Francis said recently at the party headquarters in Freetown.both parties have led this country for too long, adding that since 1961 and up till now they have not done anything beneficial to the citizens. “All the minerals are not reflecting on the average Sierra Leoneans,” she said.

Regional Chairman of Western Area, Patrick Simeon said APC and SLPP are behind the backwardness of the country. He explained that in the Sub- Region in West Africa like Ghana, Nigeria, South Africa and many other countries, the old Political Parties that were in existence during the Independence era are no longer in governance. “These parties have ruled this country for too long and up till now the country is still under-developed.” He said these parties are responsible for the problems in the country. “APC and SLPP are not the answers to Sierra Leone problem.”

National Organising Secretary of PMDC, Tommy Kargbo said both parties are not an answer to the problems of Sierra Leone. “APC and SLPP will not be able to solve the problems in the country,” Kargbo emphasized.

He added that both parties preachedj about tribalism and regionalism to voters, adding that they have indoctrinated the voters in a way that they have now identified themselves to particular tribes and regions. He said for instance, people in the South-Eastern part of the country usually identified themselves to the SLPP, while the West-North as APC.

If we continue to follow the tribalism messages of the two parties, we will ever remain in this hardship,” he said.

He said because of the hardship and the attitude of APC and SLPP in the country, many Sierra Leoneans who have been playing major part in ensuring that both APC and SLPP get huge vote in their various constituencies, have publicly declared for PMDC. Among them that declared for the party are Bike Riders Association (BRA) in Aberdeen, in which the Chairman of BRA, Mohamed Jamiru pledged their loyalty to the party, adding that they need a change.

Former Chairlady of APC in constituency 103 also declared for PMDC. Lansana Conteh, Mariama Kallon, Albert Jones, Foday B. Kamara and many other youths including women from constituency 103 also expressed their dissatisfaction over the continues hardship in the country. The blamed the APC and SLPP for such hardship. They added that they have made this declaration for PMDC so that the next generation will not face such hardship that is befallen then at the moment.

Leader of PMDC, Charles Francis Margai said that PMDC is the only party that can redeem the country from its present state of hardship. He said the country is not a poor nation, adding that the country only need strong and decisive leadership.

He said the people of this nation are tired about these two political parties in the country. “The people have assessed governance within the two parties, and if you talk to the ordinary man, he/she can tell you that he/she the problems of the country cannot be addressed by them. The only solution to the problems of Sierra Leone is PMDC and not SLPP and APC,” Margai said



Stephen V Lansana

Stephen V. Lansana is a Sierra Leonean Journalist who work for Premier News, a subsidiary of Premier Media Group Ltd. Stephen writes on Health & Human Rights